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Milonga Alegre

Milonga Alegre 


traditionele Argentijnse Tango-Salon

met een klassiek muziek-profiel


De volgende Milonga Alegre is: 


Milonga Alegre's Encuentro Milonguero "La Cadena"

op 3 en 4 juni aanstaande


Milonga Alegre's Encuentro Milonguero La Cadena is an

international social tango event at a unique location in Nijmegen.

It is a meeting place for lovers of dancing in close embrace

who want to respect the milonga codes on and off the dance floor:

request by eye contact (mirada and cabecéo),

changing of partners after each tanda,

respect for the lines of dance while dancing in the ronda,

entering in to the dance floor in a correct way,

gallantry, social and friendly on and off the dance floor.



Since an equal balance between leaders-followers is aimed for,

registration will be possible ONLY by sending an email to

guilherne@milonga-alegre.nl citing the role that you want

to dance especially (leader/follower).

Even though we prefer the registration as a couple; individual registrations are welcome too.

To avoid a crowded dance floor the maximum number is set at

120 participants.

Registration is open from NOW.


Full pass: 39 € p.p., includes:

* 3 milongas/ 15 hours of dancing with excellent DJ's

* free drinks: tea, coffee, water, soft drinks

* free fruits and biscuits

(no tickets will be available at the door)



Saturday, 03-06:

14:00 - 19:00 "Milonga de los sueños"  DJ Don Esteban / Stefan Cremer

20:30 - 01:30 "Milonga de abrazos tiernos"  DJ Sonrisa / Bart Wijgergangs


Sunday, 04-06:

14:00 - 19:00 "Milonga despedida"  DJ Le Derny / Greg Demerville



"There's more to life than tango, but not right now!"

Tandas en Cortinas  / Adres: van Slichtenhorststraat 81 - Nijmegen